January 28, 2005

From Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan:
The Speech Bush Should have Given
This is the speech that I wish President Bush had given in fall, 2002, as he was trying to convince Congress to give him the authority to go to war against Iraq.

My fellow Americans:
I want us to go to war against Iraq. But I want us to have our eyes open and be completely realistic. A war against Iraq will be expensive. It will cost you, the taxpayer, about $300 billion over five years. I know Wolfowitz is telling you Iraq's oil revenues will pay for it all, but that's ridiculous. Iraq only pumps about $10 billion a year worth of oil, and it's going to need that just to run the new government we're putting in. No, we're going to have to pay for it, ourselves. I'm going to ask you for $25 billion, then $80 billion, then another $80 billion. And so on. I'm going to be back to you for money more often than that unemployed relative that you don't like. The cost of the war is going to drive up my already massive budget deficits from about $370 billion to more like $450 billion a year. Just so you understand, I'm going to cut taxes on rich people at the same time that I fight this war. Then I'm going to borrow the money to fight it, and to pay for much of what the government does. And you and your children will be paying off that debt for decades. In the meantime, your dollar isn't going to go as far when you buy something made overseas, since running those kinds of deficits will weaken our currency. more....

January 27, 2005

No news from here today. My union is going through the last steps on non-negotiation and I'm on the negotiating team. Last night I got home after 13 1/2 hours of more non-negotiation. In a nutshell, our community college school district wants us to give up our first born and we are resisting.

January 26, 2005

Ask the sideline patriots why my brother had to die. My mother's tears poured, but the nation barely blinked.


1373 Official U.S. Military Fatalities in Iraq, 10371 Official Wounded (thru 1/8/05). Bush Lied, Soldiers Keep Dying.

January 25, 2005

Divided We Fall By Dom Stasi

01/24/05 "Information Clearing House" -- On Thursday, January 20, 2005, the most widely disliked man on earth swore a sacred oath of office. Then, in a display of arrogant and insensitive vulgarity unmatched in our nationās history he ascended himself to the 55th Presidency of the no-longer-United States of America. All about him, the believers reveled.

The debauch capped a week that saw the Secretary of State-designate, Condoleeza Rice, declare her sensitivity to foreign affairs by publicly calling the tsunami disaster ć·a wonderful opportunity for America.ä The inauguration caps a week in which we heard the nationās proposed chief law enforcement officer, Attorney General designate Alberto Gonzalez, endorse the most flagrant violation of human rights imaginable - torture - as a lawful way to interrogate prisoners. It was a week in which the White House finally announced that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and hadnāt been since the Nineties. Then, as if to top it all off, we were subjected to more baby-talk from the great man himself.Ź

In a post-election return to using his own words, the self-styled leader of the ćfree world,ä George W. Bush, blurted out that we cannot find Osama bin Laden because he is hiding. Still, the believers reveled.Ź more....

January 24, 2005

Everything I read, even in my daily newspaper leads me to believe that things are getting much worse in Iraq. This from Riverbend in Baghdad:

It's the third day of Eid. Eid is the Islamic holiday and usually itās a time for families to get together, eat, drink and celebrate. Not this Eid. This Eid is unbearable. We managed a feeble gathering on the first day and no one was in a celebratory mood. There have been several explosions- some far and some near but even those aren't as worrisome as the tension that seems to be growing on a daily basis.

There hasnāt been a drop of water in the faucets for six days. six days. Even at the beginning of the occupation, when the water would disappear in the summer, there was always a trickle that would come from one of the pipes in the garden. Now, even that is gone. Weāve been purchasing bottles of water (the price has gone up) to use for cooking and drinking. Forget about cleaning. Itās really frustrating because everyone cleans house during Eid. Itās like a part of the tradition. The days leading up to Eid are a frenzy of mops, brooms, dusting rags and disinfectant. The cleaning makes one feel like there's room for a fresh start. It's almost as if the house and its inhabitants are being reborn. Not this year. Weāre managing just enough water to rinse dishes with. To bathe, we have to try to make-do with a few liters of water heated in pots on kerosene heaters. more....

January 23, 2005

From Greg Palast's comments on the inauguration:

Franklin Roosevelt said in his inaugural, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." But he didn't have Dick Cheney creating from his bunker a government which is little more than a Wal-Mart of Fear: midnight snatchings of citizens for uncharged crimes, wars to hunt for imaginary weapons aimed at Los Angeles, DNA data banks of kids and grandmas, the Chicken Little sky-is-falling social security spook-show, and shoe-searches in airports. Fear is your only product.


But, dear Reader, there's one cold statistic Kerry voters must face. The fact that Republicans monkeyed with the votes in swing states doesn't wash away that big red stain: 59 million Americans marched to the polls and voted for George W. Bush.


Because if 59 million Americans agreed with George Bush that every millionaire's son, like him, shouldn't have to pay inheritance taxes; that sucking up to Saudi petrocrats constitutes a foreign policy; that killing Muslims in Mesopotamia will make them less inclined to kill us in Manhattan; that turning over social security to the casino operators that gave us Enron, WorldCom and world depression is smart economics; then, fine, Mr. Bush deserves the job. But most Americans, bless'm, don't actually believe any of that hokum. YET MOST STILL VOTED FOR HIM! From more....

January 22, 2005


A Day of Action for Women's Lives


Stand Up for Reproductive Justice! Stop the Anti-Choice Right wing!

10 AM

11 AM

1 PM

Look for the Green ĪWeāll never go back bannerā at the rally and counter demonstration. Wear Green!

January 22nd, 2005 will be the 32nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade court decision that established a constitutional right to reproductive freedom in the United States. The right-wing is seizing upon this day to advance their agenda against women's rights.

"Walk for Life West Coast", an anti-choice event, is organizing a march in San Francisco. Letās show them that their right wing, anti-women agenda is not welcome in our community.

This is the same agenda that criminalizes immigrants, denies same-sex marriage, and denounces queer people and their families. Let us take this opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to justice and dignity for all people. more....


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